Mobile GO Center

What is the GO Center?

The GO Kats GO Center is a 42 foot trailer equipped with 21 laptop computers and a satellite for connection to the internet. The GO Center travels across Texas promoting higher education and SHSU programs. The GO Center team is able to provide workshops for general college information and career readiness, Apply Texas, and FAFSA applications.

Apply Texas

It is the GO Center’s primary goal to promote higher education amongst young Texans. Through an Apply Texas workshop, we will provide step-by-step assistance for a student to submit an application to any higher education institution of his or her choosing. Whether the student is interested in applying to SHSU, or any other institution, we are here to offer our assistance.

FAFSA Workshops

Completing the FAFSA application can be a daunting task for many families, in particular those who are unfamiliar with the Federal Student Aid process and responsibilities. Through FAFSA workshops, our aim is to assist families in navigating and completing the application. A family’s federal taxes must be prepared and filed prior to submitting the FAFSA application.

Career Cruising

The GO Center is equipped with an online, interactive career guide which allows students to explore their strengths and future career options. Students become more self-aware by learning about their own interests, skills, and aspirations, then exploring career possibilities and educational pathways that are right for them. This workshop is complemented by a presentation regarding SHSU degree options and college life.

Visit Requests

In order to ensure that the GO Center workshops are effective, we ask that the schedule guarantee a minimum of 50 students. A formal outline of classes to attend designated session times is highly encouraged. Study hall, elective periods, and AVID classes seem to work best when scheduling rotations for the GO Center throughout the school day.

Open sign-up events typically yield lower attendance numbers in which the GO Center's resources are not fully utilized. For this reason, we strongly discourage open-sign up events at host schools.

Sample Schedule for a GO Center Visit

Arrival and Set-Up 7:30AM - 7:45AM
1st Period 8:00AM - 8:57AM
2nd Period 9:01AM - 9:54AM
3rd Period 9:58AM - 10:48AM
4th Period 10:42AM - 11:42AM
Lunch Break 11:42AM - 12:12PM
5th Period 12:12PM - 1:12PM
6th Period 1:16PM - 2:06PM
7th Period 2:10PM - 3:00PM
Departure 3:00PM
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