SAMbassador: Patricia

High school: Lewisville High School

Major/minor: Business Administration

Class of: 2018

Hometown: Lewisville, Texas

Hobbies & interests: Reading Christian and Fantasy books, eating good and bad food, and drinking really strong coffee

Campus involvement/organizations: Chi Alpha Campus Ministry

Favorite place to eat in Huntsville: Cafe Texan, City Hall Cafe, and Chili's

Favorite spot on campus: Old Main Pit

Most memorable SHSU experience: Building relationships with people over coffee at Starbucks in the library

Favorite SHSU tradition: FOOTBALL

Favorite class taken at SHSU: Principles of Design

Favorite professor: Dr. Jeremiah Dancy

One thing you can't leave home without: A really good mechanical pencil or pen

Why did you choose SHSU?: The campus felt like home the minute I arrived for my tour. When I walked out of the Estill building and saw the trees and historic buildings, I was sold. They also had my field of study so that was important also.

One of the ways I show Bearkat pride is by: One of the ways I show my Bearkat pride is by wearing orange. It just so happens to look great on me!

What has surprised you most about yourself since you came to SHSU?: I used to have a fear of math but after changing my major from Interior Design to Business Administration I was faced the multiple calculus and statistics classes. I realized that my fear of math was irrational and that math is not only our friend as a society, but mine too.

What advice would you give incoming students?: College is what you make it and it will be an incredible experience, unlike any other thing you will do in your life. However, it is not meant to be the best days of your life, your glory days. Everyday of your life should be better than the one before. You are smarter, more equipped, more mature, and moving forward. Don't sell yourself short by living in the past!

One fun/random fact about you: I have two dogs named Tucker and Molly. The term "fur baby" is an understatement.

After I graduate from SHSU, I hope to: Travel, travel, travel...

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