The Life of a Wannabe Pro


August 4, 2016 | Trevor Greer

On July 21st I decided to try and go professional in the sport I love: soccer.  Soccer is a lifestyle to me. I grew up watching Manchester United play, back when Van Pierce, Ronaldo, Edwin Van de Sar and Carrick all played for the Red Devils.  Growing up I always thought it would be really cool one day to become a professional soccer player.  I never thought I would actually go and try out for a team.

I started training for my try out three months before the day that might change the rest of my life. The first month was a bit tough, but I quickly got back in to my routine. The second month got more intense as far as training. That’s also when I started to think about giving up on my dream, but that’s when I got the most support from my fraternity brothers, as well as all of my co-workers, and of course several of my Bearkat friends. 

They were all there for me as I went in to my third month of trainingtrevorblogone and started to get extremely nervous.  At this time, I started to think that my dream was becoming a reality I was getting what every athlete dreams of, a second chance. This made me nervous but at the same time it pushed me to work harder, and my support grew stronger from my family and my Bramily (Bearkat Family). 

The day of try outs finally arrived and I knew no matter what happened I had an amazing support team to go return to back home.  So, to everyone who supported me: thank you for your support! I hope to be on a team one day!


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