How Buddy Saved Mali


February 1, 2018 | Mali Rankin

I love every breed of dog but to be completely honest, rescued is my favorite. In every member of the Rankin family’s heart there’s a special spot for golden retrievers. Throughout my whole life we have always had golden retrievers around as a family pet.

My mom is an occupational therapist so she works in rehabilitation centers with patients who have a hard time performing their day to day tasks. In September of 2016 one of my mom’s patients overheard her talking about her love for golden retrievers. The woman told my mom about how she had a golden back at home but that she and her family were no longer able to take care of him. The lady offered my mom to come by and see the dog and see if she was interested in having him. My mom called me as soon as she got off that day and asked me to tag along to go and meet him.

When we got out to the lady’s land I walked over to the cage that buddy was locked in. Inside the cage there was a tiny igloo made for a much smaller dog than buddy where he peaked his head from. When I opened the cage, buddy ran out and ran all around the land. I tried calling and whistling for him but he was too scared to approach me. He was so skinny and so very obviously being neglected. It was so hard for my mom and me to leave him there in the state that he was being kept in. After going to visit buddy my mom and I were certain that we had to take him home with us soon.

The following week my mom scheduled an appointment for buddy at the vet so that he could be checked up before we brought him home to be around our other dogs. Buddy tested heartworm positive and was severely underweight he also had a dislocated jaw that wasn’t ever treated. His jaw made it almost impossible for him to eat so to help him get back to a healthy weight we feed him soft food with a spoon. We also started buddy on heartworm treatment and gave him a good haircut.

A year later and buddy is probably the happiest golden retriever on the planet. He’s now back to a healthy weight and is continuing his heart worm treatment. He hold such a special place in our hearts and gives us so much love. Buddy loves walks, long hugs, cuddles on the couch and hanging with his pup friends. I’m so thankful that Buddy came into our life the way he did and that we are now able to give him the love that he deserves.