Don't Conform to Make Others Comfortable


October 26, 2017 | Brigid Gould

Before beginning my college career, I was used to blending in with everyone else. I wore my hair straight, I wore all the trendy clothes, and I had to be at every event that all my friends were going to. I knew that there was more to me as a person but at the time it was easier to blend in rather than stand out. It was not until I came to college that I felt that I could who I wanted to be.

When I steeped on Sam Houston’s campus, I saw people wear their hair in different styles and colors and I saw people who embraced their culture and heritage with pride. Seeing how free and comfortable people felt being themselves really inspired me to be who I am and not fall victim to who society says I should be. I instantly joined organizations on campus that I identified with so that I could began to form a solid foundation of likeminded people. Slowly but surely I began to wear clothes that I liked rather than what was “trendy”. I also stopped putting heat on my hair and I embraced it in its natural state.

These things may seem small to some people, but this was a big deal for me. After a year of being at Sam and being involved in so many student organizations, I began to realize that I was put on this earth to stand out! I was only wearing certain things or doing certain things because everyone told me to. Being a student at SHSU Ive learned that everyone is different and that it was makes us unique! I would challenge anyone to be a champion for YOU. After all, an original is worth more than a copy!