Thank You Alfredo and Mel


December 10, 2016 | Sam Puente

Before I started college at Sam Houston State University, I never thought about joining a fraternity. I didn’t even know what a fraternity was. I’m from Houston, TX and at my high school, all I did was play basketball and hang out with my friends. Never once did I think about coming to college and joining a fraternity. Everything changed when I arrived at SHSU. Two of my roommates had just been initiated into a fraternity and they told me everything about being in one. They told me about the things they do for the community and the benefits of being in one, like becoming a part of an amazing brotherhood. They convinced me to rush, and, in my first semester of college, I decided to pledge a fraternity.

I pledged Phi Gamma Delta, also known as “FIJI” in the spring of 2015, and that has honestly been the best decision I have ever made. Becoming a FIJI g gentleman has created so many opportunities for me and has molded me into a much better person than I was before. After becoming a part of FIJI, I have been able to hold multiple leadership positions, both within and outside of my fraternity. I have also created an unbreakable bond with 50 other guys that I call brothers. My favorite thing about being in a fraternity is the brotherhood bond that you form and all of the memories you make that will last you a lifetime.

Before coming to Sam Houston State University, not once did I think about joining a fraternity but now I can’t see myself not being Greek. Not only did it open many doors for me, but it also introduced me to so many great people, including my girlfriend. Now, in my final semester at SHSU, I can look back and be thankful my two roommates introduced me to Greek life.  Most importantly, I’m thankful to the samblogonefraternity that molded me into the person I am today.


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