Stress, Anxiety, and Emotions…OH MY!


October 10, 2016 | Erika Brown

I have always been one to let my stress get the best of me. In college, they never told me that my anxiety would hit an ultimate high. From tests, to events, piles of homework, a part time job, keeping happy friends and family, maintaining a work out schedule, that basket of laundry you never got around to, making sure you remember to eat, and getting the recommended eight hours of sleep, life can get pretty hectic. Sometimes I assume that the only solution is to call my mom and let out a big cry then get on with the day, but one thing that I have learned from these peak stressful moments in my life, is to soak it all in (ironically).

College is one of the greatest experiences, and I have learned that we can’t always hold onto or worry about every moment. Here are my best tips to keeping yourself stress free:

  • Stay busy. Keeping myself busy has been a great tactic to conquering my anxiety and providing a smiling face wherever I go. Attend meetings, pick up extra hours at work, start a new television show, or begin early on homework to keep yourself from stressing and thinking about the negative little things.
  • Have a planner. Having an organized planner to prevent procrastination has helped me a lot with any stressful moments. Don’t forget to always write down your class syllabus in your planner at the beginning of the semester! Being able to scratch off my to do list is one of the greatest feelings!
  • Pick up a part-time job. One of the best choices I have made in college so far is getting a job at the greatest Visitor Center ever. It is an amazing way to feel a part of a team, meet some great people, and stay on a schedule. I would definitely advise looking for a job on campus (Jobs4Kats) because there are so many perks like working around your class schedule and being off by 5pm!
  • Make time for yourself. With being so busy, I sometimes have to sit back and make time for myself. This one is important. Do something you like – cook your favorite meal, listen to your own music, dance around your bedroom, write in a journal, workout, or practice some yoga. Having time to yourself can be so relaxing and rewarding, so please don’t forget this one.erikablog1

Sam Houston has so many opportunities, organizations, and amazing people to let you have a fantastic and less stressful four years. Always remember to remind yourself that you can conquer any obstacle that is in front of you! Have fun, be yourself, and Eat ‘Em Up Kats!


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