April 10, 2017 | Nereyda Vera

First generation student. When we think about a student that falls under this category, we automatically picture all the good that student will be doing and the bright future they will achieve within their family. What you do not think about is all the difficulties and hardships that student faces throughout their journey. Personally, my family always pushed my siblings and I to always have good grades. That an education takes you places, and we have more opportunities than they could have ever imagined. This is what it is like to be a first generation student.

Before college, I always dreamed of furthering my education. Then before I knew it, college applications, SAT's, scholarships and everything was thrown at me. Knowing where you wanted to go, what place was best for you, how much tuition is, it all was so overwhelming! I completely understand if it feels like too much for you, trust me I was once in your shoes too.

Coming from parents that didn’t finish high school, the process of applying for colleges was hard, but they tried helping me as much as they could. It was new to all of us and we always had so many questions. When I finally got it over with and accepted to go to SHSU, they couldn’t be any more proud. Growing up, I saw how my dad got up at 4 am each day, yet still had so much time to teach us how to live a humble life. You get this sort of pressure to do more than you thought you could just to have a smile on their face.

Talking to someone who knows about your career choice and what college you want to get into, as well as doing your own research will pay off in the end. Coming to my last two semesters of college, I can honestly say I could not have had it any better. Working during college, and having two jobs at some point was difficult at times, but I got through it.NereydaNews Think about whatever situation you are in and know that it is only temporary. While it may seem like too much is being expected of you before going into college, just keep in mind that it's your life, follow your dreams and it'll all fall into place.

Everyday waking up early, staying late on campus after work and class to do everything I am involved in, may be stressful at times, but I do not regret any of it. At the end of the day, my family is my biggest motivation. My advice to you when you get to college, get involved. Whether it is a volunteering organization, academic, sports, anything you love doing to pass time, just do it! You never know the opportunities it may bring. I never thought I would become a fitness instructor, become a tour guide, be in a sorority, president of a dance organization, be in honors, and be on the SHSU newscast in my three short years of college. If I could do all this, you can too and so much more!