5 Big Ways to Save While Attending SHSU

Haley Fender

September 17, 2016 | Haley Fender

1. Take advantage of the departments on campus that are included in your tuition

There are some departments on campus that offer services that are included in your tuition. Since you’re already paying for those, USE THEM! The Academic Success Center offers help for some reading, writing, and math classes. The tutors are really nice and there are free scantrons and candy at the front desk (bonus!).  Legal Services offer legal advice to students and they also have complimentary coffee and scantrons in their office (cha-ching). One of my favorites is the Student Money Management Center, not only are Mrs. Patsy Collins and her office staff awesome, but they also do some great workshops which include free food (free Ramen Noodles!) and some events include a drawing for a free scholarship. The student Money Management Center also offers occasional coupon workshops.

2. Go to the events on campus!

Go to events such as Casino Night, Welcome Week events, Bearkat Mania, and the Tree of Lights (my personal fave). Almost always these events have free food, t-shirts and other goodies! The Christmas events on campus are great because not only do they feature GREAT wassel, you might also get to create a few gifts made with love.

3. Use your meal plan

If you have a meal plan, you should use it! You won’t have to do dishes at home and you won’t have to pay for anything because it’s already taken care of. They also offer a to-go feature which Is very convenient for those of us who like to enjoy dinner and Disney’s Tangled in our room.

4. Take advantage of the laundry room at your Residence Hall

Laundry Rooms are located in every Residence Hall; these are included in your fees so you might as well take advantage of what you paid for. A word from the wise: get a laundry basket with wheels, it will make things so much easier on laundry day.

5. Only buy one reusable water bottle

Buy a reusable water bottle and use the fill up stations around campus! Not only will you stay hydrated, but you also won’t have to buy water bottles at the grocery store and you’ll help the environment! These fill up stations are available around campus at the LSC, CHSS and Rec Center.

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