SAMbassador: Madison

High school: Coldspring-Oakhurst High School

Major/minor: History/Secondary Education

Class of: 2020

Hometown: Coldspring, TX

Hobbies & interests: I love to be outside, whether it is hiking, surfing, long walks on the beach, or just being out on the water! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and binge watching Game of Thrones

Campus involvement/organizations: I am a Lead SAMbassador!

Favorite place to eat in Huntsville: Farmhouse and El Gordo's!

Favorite spot on campus: The steps of Austin Hall. 

Most memorable SHSU experience: Saturday@SAM in the fall of 2016.

Favorite SHSU tradition: Celebrating graduation by engraving your name on Austin Hall.  

Favorite class taken at SHSU: Sociology 2319: Intro to Ethnic Studies and History 3392: American Indian History... So cool!

Favorite professor: Caron Cates and Aaron Hyams

One thing you can't leave home without: Chapstick & my white converse.

Why did you choose SHSU?: I grew up in a small town (we had one stop light y'all) and I knew I wanted to find a campus that was small enough to still feel like home but large enough to still be a university. SHSU just seemed like the perfect fit. Not to mention, campus is gorgeous and everyone looks fantastic in orange.

One of the ways I show Bearkat pride is by: By rocking my orange polo on the daily.

What has surprised you most about yourself since you came to SHSU?: I am becoming an adult.. finally! Okay, kind of.  I realized I could achieve all the things I dreamed about doing before I got here. I was the kid in high school that literally took zeros on presentations in class because I was terrified of speaking in front of others. Now, I'm giving tours to incoming students and helping lead a team of fantastic Sambassadors. Never say never.

What advice would you give incoming students?: GET INVOLVED!! I cannot stress that enough. Leaving home and your comfort zone can be a really scary thing, but becoming involved can make all the difference. This is your new home away from home. You can literally make your experience here be whatever you want it to be. Go out and try new things, meet new people and challenge yourself to step out of your box. This can be the best few years of your life. Have fun! Oh, and go to tutoring and snag free food whenever possible.

One fun/random fact about you: I was home-schooled most of my life, have an unhealthy obsession with Elvis Presley and all of my money is spent on travel: I dream of seeing every beach in the world!

After I graduate from SHSU, I hope to: Backpack through Europe and avoid the real world! After that, I want to make learning history fun for students and eventually be a college professor.

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