SAMbassador: Ericka

High school: Northbrook High School

Major/minor: Pre-nursing/Public Heath

Class of: 2019

Hometown: Houston, TX

Hobbies & interests: I love singing, playing my guitar, hiking, and coffee shop hopping (I am obsessed with coffee -- it's a problem). 

Campus involvement/organization: Chi Alpha Student Ministries, Project Connect

Favorite place to eat in Huntsville: Mr. Hamburger (they have awesome fries!)

Favorite spot on campus: The Gaertner Performing Arts Center. 

Most memorable SHSU experience: Freshman orientation was so fun!

Favorite SHSU tradition: The Tree of Light! I love Christmas, and that day feels like love!

Favorite class taken at SHSU: Analysis of Electronic Culture with Dr. White.

Favorite professor: Mr. Perkins

One thing you can't leave home without: My Purse

Why did you choose SHSU?: As soon as I walked on campus, I felt so comfortable and right at home!

One of the ways I show Bearkat pride is by:  Saying "Eat 'em up Kats" at random times of the day.

What has surprised you most about yourself since you came to SHSU?:  That I can push myself further than I thought. Hard work really does go a long way!

What advice would you give incoming students?: Definitely study hard and be disciplined, but also don't forget to have fun, it is very healthy for you! Get plugged in to a community, and stick with it. 

One fun/random fact about you: I will eat anything at least once, just to try it, unless it smells bad.

After I graduate from SHSU, I hope to: be a nurse overseas or become a full time missionary.

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