Share the Vision formally closed on August 31, 2010.  More than 20,000 alumni, friends, faculty, staff, organizations, corporations and foundations committed $61.2 million, surpassing the $50 million goal for our  university's first-ever capital campaign.
Frank Holmes

The legacy of the campaign has taken on even greater importance during these challenging  times for the funding of public higher education.  A culture of philanthrophy now exists at Sam Houston State.  In unprecedented numbers, individuals are supporting the Annual Fund, holding membership in the Alumni Association, and establishing permanent endowments  for future generations of students.

If you were among those who gave to Sam Houston State during the Share the Vision campaign, take pride.  You were part of something very special and transformational.  If you missed this opportunity, please become a donor today.  Your regular, ongoing support in any amount is and always will be critical to this outstanding university.

Thanks again to our faithful supporters and to our future ones.  You play a critical role in the realization of the vast potential of Sam Houston State University.

Frank R. Holmes
Vice President for University Advancement
Sam Houston State University