Social Wellness

group of smiling students

A socially well person:

Social wellness is important in the development of college students outside of the classroom. It is important for you to develop a social network that provides support.

Students are exposed to a diverse range of personalities, beliefs, and values.A socially well person has the ability to work and live with others despite differences.

A person that is socially well has positive interactions with others and enjoys being around others. They develop and build positive relationships while maintaining boundaries, care for and are compassionate to others, and allow others to care for them.

Statistics confirm that students who are involved on their campus are more likely to graduate and enjoy their collegiate experience.There are numerous opportunities for students to become involved on campus. Athletics, Student Activities, Recreational Sports, and Student Government all provide opportunities for you to enjoy the full collegiate experience. Make connections with your fellow peers, professors, university staff and community to further your social wellness.

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