Student Grievance Procedures


Along with its comprehensive academic and teaching goals, Sam Houston State University emphasizes continuous improvement of its educational enterprise, driven by the needs of the students we serve and our universities motto "The measure of a life is it's service." We rely on teamwork, collaboration, communication and respect of one another to ensure the universities best practices when providing our students with services.


A grievance may arise out of a decision or action reached or taken in the course of official duty by a member of the faculty, staff, administration, or student of Sam Houston State University . A grievable action is defined below. The purpose of the grievance procedures is to provide a process for an impartial review and to ensure that the rights of students are properly recognized and protected.

In the case of academic grievances, students are directed to the Academic Grievance Procedures for students.

Student grievances relating to Financial Aid decisions, rules, and regulations are directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Under no circumstances will the filing of a grievance result in retaliation by the party being grieved against or his/her Department.

I. Definition of Grievable Actions

A grievable action is an action that:

  1. Is in violation of written campus policies or procedures, or
  2. Constitutes arbitrary, capricious, or unequal application of written campus policies or procedures.

The Student Advocacy Office provides Student Grievance Services to address concerns of currently enrolled SHSU students. The function of this service is to personally assist students in achieving satisfactory resolutions to university related challenges listed above. Additionally, the Student Advocacy Office makes referrals to appropriate campus departments/offices when necessary.

Formal student complaints must be filed within 30 university business days of the university action creating the student's concern. Upon receipt of the formal student complaint, the SHSU administrator receiving the complaint has 20 university business days to respond. For complaints filed between semesters, additional response time might be necessary to allow for availability of the relevant parties. When additional time is necessary, students should be advised in writing of the estimated time for response within 20 university business days of receipt of the complaint.

To utilize this service, after consulting the SHSU Student Guidelines, simply complete and submit the SHSU Student Grievance Online Form and after which you will be contacted by the chair of the department the grievance is on or their appointee.

We encourage you to complete the grievance survey on the link below and submit it to our office in person or by scanning the document and emailing it to

Remember, an important function Student Advocacy Office is to serve as your advocate.

As always we are happy to hear from you!!

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SHSU Student Grievance Online Form

Grievance Survey