Standing Committees

News and Networking

This committee will develop and implement communication strategies for the Staff Council, including but not limited to maintaining the Staff Council web page, social media, creating a newsletter. The committee determines the best methods for communication, both internally for the Council and externally with the University. Once a month the committee recognizes a staff member who exemplifies extraordinary behavior in their duties, as the Spotlight on Staff for the month. In addition, the committee may assist other committees and officers with visibility and public relations publicity, including but not limited to flyers, announcements, newsletters, mass emails, and other promotional activities.

Chair: Jerrell Sherman

Special Events

This committee shall serve to promote the Staff Council to the University Community, and surrounding communities to foster staff pride and work with the appropriate University offices and/or news services to publicize the Staff Council and its activities; plan and coordinate activities at which staff can meet their Staff Council representatives and learn about Staff Council activities and service opportunities.

Co-Chairs: Margaret Odom and Shelly Nettuno

Staff Development

This committee shall create and host programs to provide staff with learning and development opportunities. In addition, the committee will seek opportunities to collaborate with Human Resources to provide training programs that address such issues as career and professional development, university course enrollment, continuing education, diversity training, basic skills development, health awareness, and recreational opportunities. This committee will also plan and implement an annual conference for the purpose of providing a low cost professional development option.

Co-Chairs: Haley Rothrock and Nikki Stifflemire

Staff Affairs

This committee shall address concerns brought forth by the University President, Staff Council Executive Board, and/or the Staff Council including, but not limited to administrative policy and procedures, staff evaluations, parking and transportation, and campus safety. This committee shall identify, analyze, and formulate recommendations for issues affecting SHSU’s staff members. The recommendations shall be reported to the Staff Council and/or Executive Board. for adoption by the Staff Council. This committee shall present recommendations to the leadership of SHSU and advocate on behalf of staff interests.

Chair: Tiffany Driver

Nominations and Elections

The committee shall handle all nominations and elections procedures as set forth in the By-laws; coordinate and validate all elections to the Staff Council. No Staff Council member who is a candidate for a Staff Council position may be a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee.  Additionally, this committee will review absences and act upon vacancies as outlined in Article III, Section 6 of the by-laws.

Chair: Megan Hobbs-Barrett