Spotlight on Staff

Spotlight on Staff is an award given to a staff member on behalf of the SHSU Staff Senate as a way to get to know him or her better and to recognize and show appreciation for the work he or she does for the University. Each month, a staff member is selected by the Staff Senate News & Networking Committee, which surprises the recipient with a certificate of appreciation along with other items including gift certificates, SHSU items, homemade goods, etc.

Spotlight on Staff Nomination Form

Please provide an example of how the nominee goes "above and beyond."

This month's winner!

Jessica Gorbett
Jessica Gorbett, Finance and Operations Business Solutions
September 2021
Jessica Gorbett
Congratulations to this month's Spotlight on Staff award winner, Jessica Gorbett with Finance and Operations Business Solutions! Well done Jessica and thank you for all that you do!!!
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