Answered Questions/Concerns

Staff Council serves the staff of SHSU by seeking answers to questions and/or concerns that are brought to us. See below for the issues we've addressed.

The change in the Recreational Sports Center hours makes it difficult for me to take advantage of the Wellness Works program.

Staff Council sent this letter to President Hoyt. As of Fall 2017, the morning hours have returned to the RSC. Thank you to all that submitted their concerns, as it helped the council establish justification for our request.

Do dependents of SHSU staff receive a discount on tuition?

The university is unable to offer discounted tuition for dependents, but some colleges within SHSU offer scholarships for employee dependents. Staff members may take advantage of the employee education assistance program for their own personal education.

Do other universities have energy conservation days like we do?

Yes, and other universities in the Texas State University System have more conservation days than we do. Please see this table for comparison. As of March 2018, employees no longer need to use comp or vacation time for this day, and should denote it on their timesheets as emergency leave. For more information, please see the Human Resources policy on conservation days.