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  • Free Emergency 72-Hour Food Kits

    Image of the food kits.

    If you are in immediate need of a 72-Hour Food Kit please contact us.

    Phone: (936) 294-2600


    These food kits include an array of foods that is meant to last over a 72-hour period. The kits are composed of non-perishable foods items such as oatmeal packets, peanut butter, tuna, etc...

    The SMMC provides these kits free of cost for students who are in precarious need of food.

    We also hold open distribution dates of the food kits at the following times:

      Summer Break: June through August
      Thanksgiving Break: Week before Thanksgiving
      Winter Break: December through January
      Spring Break: Week before Spring Break
      Easter Break: Week before Easter

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936-294-2600 | | 919 Bearkat Blvd., Huntsville, TX 77340