The SMMC and Division of Student Service is excited to announce it's collaboration with HigherOne and Everfi to bring SHSU students Kat Cents. This revolutionary, fun, and interactive financial literacy game teaches students the fundamentals of personal finance. 


Registration for Instructors

To Create Your User ID and Password:

  1. To create an Instructor account simply go to and select “Instructor Registration” below the login fields.
  2. Enter the appropriate "Site Code" for your class/department/organization. What's my Site Code?
  3. Fill in the remaining fields.
  4. Select submit. You have created your account.  Select "Go to your Account" button.
  5. Select the "Users" tab from the top navigation bar.
  6. Select "Create Class Code" under the "Users" tab.
  7. Create a class code and a description of the code.  The click "Submit." 
  8. You will need to provide all of your student with the class code you created so they can register.


Registration for Students

To Create Your User ID and Password:

  1. To begin the course simply go to and select “Student Self Registration” below the login fields.
  2. Enter the class code: katcents (or the code provided by your Instructor)
  3. Fill in all the required fields. You may select a unique User ID and Password. We encourage you to make it memorable.


Once you have logged into your account:

  1. Click on Curriculum to access the 10 Learning Modules. EverFi™ Certification is earned by successfully completing all 10 Modules. 
  2. The Overview must be completed first before moving forward.  
  3. We recommend using an Ethernet connection versus a wireless connection.    


Operating Tips:

  1. Sounds/Headphones are required
  2. When you are done working, hit the EXIT button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  
  3. Pre-loading:  since the media files are extremely rich and the design is forward leaning the content will download through the Internet.  It typically takes 1-5 minutes for an entire module to download.  The time really depends upon the type of Internet connection and speed. While the modules are pre-loading make sure no other applications are running like ITunes, video games, etc.


 For more information about this service or other SMMC services, please contact us at 936.294.2600 or