Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month!

Join with us in promoting financial health in our community
  • Kids being watched while playing a game.
    Lupita Hernandez monitoring the Scott Johnson students' learning!
  • A volunteer working with 4 kids in an elementary school.
    Scott Johnson Elementary Students engaged in a Personal Financial Literacy Center lead by a Beta Alpha Psi member!
  • SMMC Members reading to students
    Graduate Student reading to preschoolers during Story Time at Huntsville Public Library!
  • Two students reading a picture book.
    Graduate student reading aloud to preschoolers during Financial Literacy Month!

The United States Congress designated the month of April as Financial Literacy Month in order to raise public awareness of financial literacy and encourage financial health among citizens. The Mayor of Huntsville has likewise proclaimed April as Financial Literacy Month for the citizens of Huntsville, Texas. The SMMC has used these proclamations as a springboard to educate prospective students and their parents about the costs of higher education and the various ways in which they can reduce the cost of education and their student loan debt.

To accomplish this goal, the SMMC partners with the City of Huntsville, Huntsville Independent School District and other local organizations to give presentations to prospective students and their parents during Financial Literacy Month. In this way we promote financial health throughout our community.

Keep an eye out for a list of events! For more information, contact us by calling (936) 294-2600 or emailing us at

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