Departments may collect money for approved services, fees, products, and donations with point of sale devices or online stores.

Point of Sale Devices

Point of sales devices are portable devices used to collected credit card and debit card information for products, services, and events.

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Online Marketplace Stores

Online Marketplace stores are online stores that are designed, built, and maintained by the Student Financial Services and the sponsoring department. Student Financial Services will create the store, while departments will provide the required information. As shoppers make payments, Marketplace automatically updates the G/L accounts in the campus finance system. TouchNet refers to online Marketplace stores as Marketplace uStores.

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Departmental Cost

Departments will be responsible for the fees associated with the acceptance of credit card payments.

Department Responsibilities

  1. To setup a new store, Complete the Request Form
  2. Provide compatible image sizes and formats

    Files should be GIF or JPG formatted images

    For store logos, 965 x 225 pixels or less and less than 1 MB

    For items, 500 x 500 pixels or less and file size of 1.00 MB or less

  3. Review Marketplace store for final sign off prior to go-live
  4. Reporting and reconciliation
  5. Sales tax reporting
  6. Refunds of payments are handled through direct pays

Online Partner Stores

Online partner stores are online marketplace stores that are managed by TouchNet Ready Partners. TouchNet Ready Partners are third-party vendors with existing compatibility with the TouchNet financial system. These vendors are preferred to reduce cost and configuration time. Your contracted partner will provide and maintain the website or software for your customers to shop. For the initial setup and certain upgrades, IT will integrate the product into University's financial system. TouchNet refers to online partner stores as Marketplace uPay.

TouchNet Ready Partners

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