Returning Students (Renewal)

Renewal Timeline

Phase 1: March 20 (8AM) - March 21 (5PM)

The housing portal opens for all returning students to begin an application. As a current resident, you will have the first option to renew to select your same room space for the 2019-2020 academic year. Some locations are not available because the rooms are reserved for incoming first year students.

Locations Not Available for Renewal:

  • Alpha Chi Omega House
  • Alpha Delta Pi House
  • Houston House
  • Lone Star Hall (partial 4th floor)
  • Piney Woods Hall (Entire 4th, 5th, and partial 6th floor, single occupancy rooms)
  • Rachel Jackson House
  • Randel House
  • Spivey House
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma House
  • Vick House
  • Zeta Tau Alpha

Phase 2: March 27 (8AM) - March 29 (5PM)

The housing portal re-opens for all returning students to begin an application, choose any available space, or to swap their future booking.

Contract Terms

When you renew your housing contract, remember that all housing contracts are for the entire academic year (both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 terms). Residence Life does not offer housing contracts for the fall term only.

Housing Deposit

Your $200 deposit will transfer to a future term, so you do not need to submit another deposit in order to secure a room. If you do not have a future on campus booking at the end of the Spring 2019 term, your deposit will be released to your student account, and will be disbursed by the University Bursar.

Cancellations After Renewal

If you need to cancel your housing contract, email us by July 1, 2019 to receive $190 deposit refund. Any cancellations received between July 2, 2019 and August 14, 2019 will receive $100 deposit refund. We do not give deposit refunds after August 14, 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew online? From the SHSU home page, choose MySam…Students….Apply for housing. From the Housing Portal, choose Application and select the appropriate term.

Do I need to pay any money to reserve a space? No. Your housing deposit that is currently on file will transfer to a future term.

What is the cost to live on campus next year? Housing and Dining rates will be published on the SHSU Residence Life website when they are approved in late February, 2019.

How do I change rooms after I pick a space? Once you choose a room, you will have a small window of time to swap your room for another space. The Room Swap tab will be available to monitor other open spaces (March 27, 2019 through March 29, 2019).

I renewed to my same space, but I want another building that is full. What can I do? During March 27– 29, 2019, you will be able to look for vacancies in the building that you would like to swap to without losing your current reservation.

When do I renew if I am displaced? If you are displaced, you will not be able to choose your current space for the upcoming year. During Phase 2 (March 27 – 29, 2019), you may select from any available room space.

What if I miss online renewal? If you miss online renewal after March 29, 2019, it is possible that housing will be full. You can start a housing application in MySam Housing Portal and the application will direct you to the non-guaranteed Wait List.


For more information, stop by the Department of Residence Life office located next to Lone Star Hall or give us a call at 936.294.1812.