Fall 2021 COVID Related Information

Move-In Procedures


  • Move-in will take place over three days (August 13-15)
    • Each resident will choose an appointment (day/time) to move in via the MySam housing portal
  • Residents should limit the number of family members or friends assisting with move-in

COVID Testing and Other Information

For information about COVID testing and protocols, please visit the Student Health Center page here

All other questions and concerns can be sent to the Residence Life Office by calling (936) 294-1812 Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm or to the webpage at reslife@shsu.edu.

*For any questions regarding SHSU and COVID-19: Please monitor the University website here for the most up-to-date university information. We will also utilize our KatSafe Messaging system for urgent communications. If you are not signed up for KatSafe, please visit the KatSafe website here.

For more information about COVID-19 and FAQ's, please see below.

Fall 2021 COVID-19 Related FAQs

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    Face coverings are no longer required on campus, whether indoors or outdoors and regardless of the size of the gathering or ability to social distance.  Unvaccinated students are encouraged to wear face coverings and maintain social distance for their own protection.  

  • Will I still have roommates?

    Yes, the on-campus residence halls with a traditional floor plan will house two students per room and a total of four students to a restroom. Just as in your own household, these groups of students will be considered as family units.

  • Will the room/bathroom be cleaned?

    Our custodial contractor will thoroughly clean and sanitize each room and bathroom on campus prior to the beginning of each academic term. Daily cleanliness and healthy hygiene habits will be the responsibility of each individual resident.

  • What about the laundry room and public areas?

    Custodial contractors will continue to clean all residence hall public areas more frequently, including study rooms, lounges and the laundry room.

  • What if I or my roommate gets sick?

    Should any student feel symptomatic they are encouraged to go to the Student Health Center for testing. We have an isolation procedure in place that proved effective during the beginning stages of the pandemic.  The infographics from the Student Health Center will outline all the steps that should be taken and will be happy to answer any questions a resident may have regarding symptoms. The SHC staff will provide the best information regarding the need for testing or medications depending on individual circumstances.

  • What measures are in place for students diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19?

    Residents who are determined by the Student Health Center to need testing must return to their permanent home to isolate immediately after testing until they are released from isolation and given permission to move back to their campus assignment. Depending on circumstances, those who cannot safely return home for isolation may be housed temporarily in our isolation house. Other members of the affected resident's "family unit" will either be directed to temporarily quarantine in place in their assigned room, to be moved temporarily to a quarantine house, or they may be directed to return home to quarantine, depending on circumstances. All meals will be delivered to residents who are in isolation or quarantine.

  • Will I have to sign anything regarding COVID-19?

    Residential students will be required to sign a COVID-19 Agreement at move-in.  The agreement may be found here.