Research Centers

  • Human skeleton
  • Mouse in a maze
  • Specimens in jars
  • Bird specimens
  • Inspect specimens
  • A lock and a globe representing computer security
  • Computer graphics human with a wall of binary
  • GIS map

Sam Houston State University hosts more than twenty academic Research Centers and institutes that support a diversity of research interests and scholars dedicated to innovative research and discovery. The unifying mission of each Research Center is to provide the infrastructure needed to advance our understanding of the world around us and to disseminate this newly gained knowledge to better serve society.  Sam Houston State University is a leader among comprehensive universities with renowned support of academic research and scholarship that truly makes a difference.

University Level Research Centers

Department Level Research Centers

College of Business Administration

College of Criminal Justice

College of Education

  • Center for Research and Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership
  • Center for Research in Counselor Education

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Science and Engineering Technology

Student Activities

System Level Research Centers

Academic Policy 950609 provides information on the establishment and review of Centers and Institutes at SHSU.