Training Opportunities

COGNOS Training for Grants

If you would like training to run COGNOS reports please contact Susan Hurley at 936-294-4862 or and she will schedule a time for you at your earliest convenience. Please note that this is only for Grant related training.

This training takes approximately 20-30 minutes and can be done by sharing screens with Microsoft Lync.

If you need training on Cognos for other reports, please, see below.

  • For assistance with student information reports, such as Class Roster, Student Cohort and General Student Report, the Registrar’s Office contact is Greg Zepeda,
  • For assistance with Finance Division report, the contact is DeLynn Say,

New PI Training

If you would like New PI Training please contact Susan Hurley at the above information. This training can be completed one on one or in small groups. Throughout the year ORA will host training sessions available to anyone interested in attending.