Question: When will I be notified of funds added to my IDC (Indirect Cost) Account?

ORA will notify PIs, departments and colleges of additional funds during the month of November. At this time we will make any requested changes.

Question: How do I get over and beyond 100% pay?

Generally, you don't on a grant.

Feds and SHSU Administration assume you always have other job duties

Effort certification is based on % of time

You cannot be more than 100% of an FTE

Exceptions must be approved by the sponsor

Please call us about potential alternative methods of payment.

Question: What is Effort Reporting?

  • Effort

The amount of time spent on a particular activity (total cannot >100%)

Includes time spent working on a sponsored project in which salary is directly charged or contributed

  • Effort Reporting

Mandated method of certifying to the grants agencies that effort charged has actually been completed.

  • Effort Certification

Process whereby one certifies that research efforts for a particular time period is correctly reflected within payroll records

 Question: When is a Direct or One-time pay allowable and appropriate?

In extremely limited circumstances.

  • Payee is not otherwise part of the grant
  • Specialist in particular area, different dept.

Ex. Education Dept. needs a Statistician

  • Work would otherwise be “hired-out”
  • Work is Outside regular duties
  • Fringe benefits must be included for One-time pay

Question: How do I charge Direct Salary for administration staff in addition to F&A /IDC?

Direct salary requires justification that includes the specific person and the special circumstances which require you to charge above IDC

Ex. Working evenings and weekends to coordinate out of town guests

Question: What is Cost-sharing and when should I use it?

Cost-sharing (matching) refers to committed resources to a project that are not funded by the sponsor. May be University sponsored or outside, depending on sponsor requirements.  This generally used only when mandated by the sponsoring agency.

Question:  Why is my salary encumbrance more than what I requested on my ePAF?

It is possible the salary has been encumbered for the entire year if the employee is a 12 mo. employee and currently assigned to that FOP through the end of the year.  To change the encumbrance, process an ePAF to change the labor distribution to the FOP that will be active at the end of the grant.

Question: My Purchase Order was denied for Non-sufficient funds.  What do I do now?

Purchasing prefers the same document number be used, so try to correct the original request and resubmit.  Contact your grant accountant if a budget adjustment is needed or if you have questions.

Question: Do I have to prepare a budget for a fixed price award?

Yes! And submit to ORSP

Question: What if I have a residual/deficit balance on a fixed price award?

Residual:  IDC charged and remaining balance transferred to dept.

Deficit: must be covered by dept.

What is my available balance on my grant?

COGNOS Reports (Contact Maegan to schedule training)

Instructions and screenshots coming soon.