Responsibilities as a Faculty and Staff Member

As an employee of Sam Houston State University, you may have access to Student Records.  Their confidentiality, use, and release are governed by FERPA.  Your utilization of this information is governed by the regulations and the duties and responsibilities of your employment and position. 

Your job places you in a position of trust and you are an integral part in ensuring that student information is handled properly.  Students have the right to expect that their academic records are being treated with care and respect.

In general, all student information must be treated as confidential.  Even public or “directory” information is subject to restriction on an individual basis. Unless your job involves the release of information and you have been trained in that function, any requests for disclosure of information, especially from outside the University, should be referred to the Registrar’s Office.  Release of information contained on a student’s transcript without the written consent of the person identified on the document is in violation of Sec. 438 Public law 90-247.

As university employees, you have an individual computer account, password, and PIN.  You are responsible for your account and will be held accountable for any improper use.  Protection of your sign-on password and procedure is critical for security.  Refer to the Acceptable Use Policy for further details.