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 FAQ for Remote Summer Classes

  • Will summer classes continue to be offered through Remote and Online formats?

    After careful consideration of the latest state and federal guidelines, the university will continue to offer Remote and Online classes through the Summer sessions.

    If conditions improve, Summer II may include some in-class instruction for those courses where students would benefit the most. On Monday, April 13, the Course Schedule will be updated to reflect the transition to remote learning.

  • What is the difference between Emergency Remote and Fully Online classes?
    Emergency Remote Classes

    Emergency remote classes are a strategy used when a crisis (weather, health, and infrastructure) forces a physical campus closure. Typically, instructors substitute in-person classroom activities with virtual ones. Emergency remote classes usually involve the use of web conferencing tools (like Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate) to meet in real time and classes are normally held during their regular on-campus schedules. Students should contact the faculty member and/or their advisor to determine if the course will be taught during the scheduled class time or on demand. Emergency remote classes also use some tools in Blackboard, such as announcements, exams and test proctoring.

    Fully Online Classes

    Fully online classes are those in which the instructor has put all materials in a learning management system, like Blackboard, ahead of the start of class. Online courses are reviewed and evaluated for state and federal requirements for online teaching. Lectures are usually pre-recorded and students can view them anytime (on-demand). In online courses, Blackboard is used extensively to conduct group work, submit assignments, complete tests, and participate in discussion forums. Online courses apply researched best practices in online teaching and learning.

  • How do I tell the difference when registering for summer classes?

    Remote classes will have “REMOTE” listed for the building and room locations:
    A screenshot of the schedule of classing featuring a Remote class.

    Online classes have “ONLINE” listed for the building and room locations:
    A screenshot of the schedule of classes featuring an Online class.

  • Are there different fees?

    Remote classes will not have the “Distance Learning” special fee. Please note, the “Distance Learning” special fee will continue to apply to only online classes.

    Please contact the Cashier’s Office with additional questions about tuition and fees.

  • What are the minimum technology requirements for remote summer classes?

    For Remote Classes:

    We recommend having the below technology before starting your summer remote classes. This will help you to be successful and to meet minimum technology requirements.

    Please reach out to your professors to determine if additional technology is required for your remote class.

    For more information on technology requirements for remote and online classes:

    visit the SHSU Online technology requirements.


 FAQ for TSI Requirements

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