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 FAQ for Blended Course Formats

  • What is a blended class?

    Blended courses allow students to learn as much as possible and spend time with their classmates and instructors while also maintaining a safe distance from each other. In a blended course, more than half (but not all) of the instruction is done from a social distance.

    For more information, see the student FAQ.

  • How do I tell which blended format my class will be following?

    To view the blended format pertaining to your registered classes, see our How-To guide.

    1. From the registration menu, select "View Registration Information"

    A screenshot of the registration menu with box around 'View Registration Information.'

    2. Select the Term Dropdown and choose the appropriate semester.

    A screenshot of the'View Registration Information' menu with a box around the term dropdown.

    3. Tap the Title of your class

    A screenshot of a class schedule with a box around the title of a class.

    4. Select Course Description to read the blended course format description.
    Note: More course format details will be available in Blackboard.

    A screenshot of the Class Details popup window with an arrow pointing to 'Course Description.'

  • Are there different fees?

    Blended, remote, and face-to-face classes will not have the “Distance Learning” special fee.
    Please note, the “Distance Learning” special fee will continue to apply to only online classes.

    Please contact the Cashier’s Office with additional questions about tuition and fees.

  • What are the minimum technology requirements for blended classes?

    For Blended Classes:

    We recommend having the below technology before starting your blended class. This will help you to be successful and to meet minimum technology requirements.

    Please reach out to your professors to determine if additional technology is required for your remote class.

    For more information on technology requirements for remote and online classes:

    visit the SHSU Online technology requirements.


 FAQ for TSI Requirements

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