Class Descriptions

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Cardio – Some of the benefits of cardio based classes include: Improved endurance, stronger heart, increased fat loss, and reduced stress just to name a few! Your cardio based classes at SHSU Rec Sports include:

  • Cardio & Core - Strengthen and tone in this interval based core workout. This is not your average core class! A strong core comes from more than just crunches.
  • Cycle Fit: This indoor cycling class consists of varying speeds, resistance levels and intensities targeted at raising your heart rate and strengthening your lower body while taking you through a variety of sprints and hills.
  • INSANITY: Made famous by Shaun T., Insanity will push you past your limits with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals involving strength, cardio, and core movements. This class is sure to get your heart pumping!
  • Turbokick - A non-stop workout featuring kickboxing, athletic training, and plyometrics set to heart-pounding music. Come to relieve some stress and get a great workout at the same time!
  • 10 Rounds: Gloves aren’t a fashion statement in this high-intensity interval training workout. Your instructor will lead you through explosive rounds on the punching bag where you will deliver different combinations that work your entire body!
  • Zumba: A fusion of Latin music and dance with fitness in mind. This fun, easy-to-follow workout is sure to get you up and moving!

Strength – Some benefits of strength-based classes include: higher metabolism, stronger and toned muscles, less tension, improved physique. Your strength-based classes at SHSU Rec Sports include:

  • Barre Toning: Meet us at the barre and experience a fun full body workout that incorporates ballet, yoga, and Pilates to strengthen, tone, and stretch. This is far from a dance class!
  • Body Strength – This full body workout focuses on muscular strength through intervals using weights. Pound out reps to the beat of the music, while your instructor pushes you to increase your intensity through slower reps, more power, and increased weight! Strong is the new fit!
  • HardCORE Booty Blast: Everything you love about Booty Blast and HardCore combined into one great workout. You can expect ab tightening core workouts with exercises sure to set your glutes on fire!

Mind Body - Some of the benefits of mind-body classes include: stronger core, improved flexibility, reduced stress levels, and muscular strength and endurance. Your mind-body classes at SHSU Rec Sports include:

  • Pilates Yoga Fusion: Strengthen and tone your entire body in this fast-paced class that combines exercises from pilates and yoga. Come work your way sculpted abs, increased core strength, and greater stability.
  • Pop Pilates: Build a solid core and muscle strength in this total body, equipment-free class! The upbeat music will help you keep moving through the positions with ease.
  • Restoration Yoga: A calming Yoga that will leave your body feeling restored and rejuvenated.
  • Yoga: This mind-body class does more than improve flexibility. Gain balance, core strength, muscular strength and endurance, and leave feeling relaxed.

Cardio and Strength – Some benefits of Cardio and Strength-based classes include: variety, high caloric burn, and increased metabolism. Your strength-based classes at SHSU Rec Sports include:

  • Cycle & Sculpt: This fusion class is everything you love about indoor cycling combined with muscle sculpting intervals off the bike. Get your cardio and strength workout done in one great workout!
  • Total Body Toning: This full body workout increases muscular strength and endurance, targeting all the main muscle groups utilizing a variety of strength equipment including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and more.