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General Information

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Intramural Sports Policies & Procedures Handbook

The Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures Handbook has more specific information regarding everything listed below on this page.


Intramural events are open to currently enrolled SHSU students (one or more hours) and SHSU faculty/staff.

Divisions of Play

Major team sports feature several divisions. Male students have the option of playing in the A (Competitive), B (Recreational), or Greek divisions. Females have an open division. Co-Rec (males and females on the same team) divisions are also offered in all major team sports.

Formats Offered

Major Team Sports Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball):

  • Different divisions of play are offered for competitive team sports.
  • Men's divisions include A, B, and Greek.
  • Co-Rec divisions include A and B.
  • Women's divisions include only an Open division.
  • Several leagues for each division are offered Sunday - Thursday.
  • Each team plays in a four-team round robin league.
  • The regular season consists of three games (one game each week).
  • All teams that meet the minimum sportsmanship standard qualify for the single elimination post-season play-off.

Team Sport Tournaments (7v7 Soccer, 4v4 Flag Football, Sand Volleyball, Dodgeball, etc.)

  • Competitive team sport tournaments are offered during a one and a half to 3 week time-span.
  • Teams are guaranteed two games. Depending on the number of teams, either a single elimination format or pool play format will be used.
  • In most cases, you will play more than one game in a week. Also, it is possible to play multiple games in one night.
  • Generally, men's, women's and co-rec divisions are offered.

One-Day Tournaments (Tennis, Racquetball, Xbox 360/Wii Tournaments, etc.)

  • Events take place during one scheduled day of activity.
  • Single elimination format is utilized for all one-day tournaments.
  • Competitive tournaments are offered for singles or doubles in a variety of racquet sports.
  • Competitive and recreational divisions are offered if enough participants register for the event.
  • Pre-registration is not necessary. You can just show up at the time of the event and you will be placed in the bracket.
  • Example - Tennis Singles tournament is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21st at 6pm. On that day at 6pm, everyone that is present will be placed in a single elimination bracket and the whole tournament will be played that night.

Team Sports Registration - (Entry Form)

You can form your own team by getting together a group of friends, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, dorm mates or club members or any combination in between. Teams must register at the Health and Kinesiology Center (HKC 104) Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm.

Team captains will be asked to complete a team entry form with the following information: captain's name, e-mail, phone number and team name. Captains will then select the league (day/time you will play each week) their team will play in , using a first-come, first-served instant schedule system.

Free Agents

No team? No problem! Now you can register as a free agent by signing up on our Intramural Sports website under the Free Agent tab for any team sport that the Intramural program offers. Teams are not formed by the Intramural Sports program. The following options are available for individuals looking for a team:

1) Form your own team
2) Wait for a team captain to contact you from our Free Agent page.

Individual/Dual Sports Registration

You can register for an individual/dual sport two different ways. You can pre-register at the Health and Kinesiology Center (HKC 104) Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm (recommended). You can also register by just showing up at the time of the event and you will be placed in the bracket.

Location of Events - Facilities

Team sports play Sunday through Thursday evenings at the SHSU Intramural Fields and the Recreational Sports Center. Other events may take place at Pritchett Field, Johnson Coliseum and Bowers Stadium.


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