Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up?

Sign your team up in HKC 104 on Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm. If you have enough players to make your own team, fill out the Team Entry Form and bring it to HKC 104 with you. We'll walk you through the process from there. If you don't have enough players to make a team, you can sign up as a Free Agent on our IM sports website under the Free Agent tab and play with other people like yourself that didn't have enough players for a team.

  • What divisions are offered?

For our bigger sports, we offer an A (Competitive) and B (Recreational) for Men's, Women's and Co-Rec and a Greek League for men. For example, Flag Football has a Men's A, Men's B, Men's Greek, Co-Rec A, Co-Rec B and Women's Open league. For some smaller sports, instead of an A and a B league, there is just an Open league. In individual/dual sports, if enough participants are present, we offer an advanced and a beginner division.

  • Can I play on more than one team?

Yes, you can. However, there are limitations. You may play on one team per league. Therefore, you can only play on one Men's A or Men's B team. You can NOT play on a Men's A and a Men's B team. The same applies for Co-Rec. For those students that are in a fraternity, you may also play on one Men's Greek team. So, it's possible to play on a Men's A or B team, one Co-Rec team and a Men's Greek team. Women can play on one Women's team and one Co-Rec team.

  • Can current and former collegiate athletes play on my team?

Collegiate athletes are eligible to play all Intramural Sports EXCEPT the sport they are currently playing for SHSU. For example, an SHSU volleyball player is not eligible to play Indoor Volleyball or Sand Volleyball. Ex-collegiate athletes must sit out 365 days from the end of the last semester they appeared on a college roster. For example, if a person played collegiate basketball at Texas A & M during the Spring 2014 semester, they are not eligible to play Intramural Basketball until the summer of 2015.

  • Can I officiate and play the same sport?

ABSOLUTELY! We encourage you to do so. We are extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling our officials. If you play on Tuesday nights, we will not schedule you on Tuesday night for your game.

  • How much does it cost to play Intramural Sports?

Almost all Intramural Sports are FREE! This excludes bowling and Golf, which each has a nominal fee of $10 per event.

  • What do I get if I win a championship?

All Intramural champions receive the coveted Intramural Champion T-Shirt. Teams that win the All University championship in Basketball and Flag Football receive a free team entry fee to the Regional Extramural Tournament for their respective sport.


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