Fishing From a New Perspective

Fishing From a New Perspective

Seth Fry, Rec Sports Marketing Ambassador

     Fishing is an amazing hobby and a wonderful experience. When the fish smacks that lure, it sends an adrenaline rush letting you know that the battle is on. I have been an avid fisherman for many years and as I progressed in the sport I found that I was constantly looking for a new experience from it. I made transitions such as learning to fly fish, jug line, and wade fishing. The most exciting form of fishing that I have come across by far is kayak fishing.

     Fishing from a kayak is both more challenging and gives you opportunities for different types of water. It challenges you to use the paddles to position yourself for each cast rather than just being able to turn around, which can be difficult in the wind, and it also challenges you while reeling in some of the bigger fish. The challenges though, are part of the fun. You can also take kayaks into water that you can’t access with a normal boat. This comes in handy on local Lake Raven where normal boats aren’t allowed to go faster than idle speed.

     Catching a fish from a kayak is rewarding and completely different than any other style. You feel so close and connected to the water because you are basically sitting on it. And when a bigger fish gets on you can be pulled around by them. It is really cool that when you reel the fish in it ends up in the water right beside your booty rather than bending down to pick it up or hoisting it out of the water with your rod.

     The Outdoors Program at the Rec allows students to rent kayaks for only $5 a day which is amazing for anyone wanting to get their feet wet in the sport before buying a kayak. One of the best sources of info for someone who is new to the sport is This website is a forum that has info for people who are new to fishing or kayaking, as well as information for advanced anglers and kayakers.

     If you try out kayak fishing for yourself then I guarantee you will be hooked.


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