Wait…Spring Break is only THREE weeks away?

Wait…Spring Break is only THREE weeks away?

Bryna, Rec Sports Ambassador

     Need a fun way to get back in shape before Spring Break? There are two classes that I love to participate in. Cardio Kick is a great class to take to get back into the swing of things, if you’ve already fallen off the New Year’s Resolution wagon. It is a great starter class if you haven’t worked out in a while. I loved this class because it is fun and the moves are simple yet you can feel them working many different muscle groups. The next day I was even a bit sore from working out the little muscles that I haven’t worked out since high school. This was a great feeling knowing that I was impacting the little hidden muscles that are sometimes hard to get.

    Another great class I have taken this semester is Step. Now this class is intense and gets your heart rate going fast. This class was more of a challenge compared to the other class but it works! You are doing many different moves to get all the different muscles in your stomach, legs, and glutes. It was a bit of a challenge when I first went to this class, but that challenge gives me a lot of motivation to go back. I got through it the first time so I know that every other time I go I will just get better. These two classes are great and everyone should come out and try them at least once!

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