Andres Swim Workout

Andres Swim Workout

Rec Sports Ambassador, February 08, 2013

     With the HKC pool now open, it’s time to get ready for Spring Break by toning up those glutes and working on your tan. My favorite pool workout consists of five 50- meter freestyle sprints, then a 20 second rest to collect myself and rehydrate. After my mini-break, I’m right back at it with five 100-meter sprints in any stroke. In between these sets, I rest anywhere from 40 to 60 seconds to make sure I’m ready to go full speed for the next round.

     Cardio swimming offers a lot of flexibility with workout routines and there is something available for every body type and workout level. Even if you are a new swimmer, just floating in the water adds enough resistance to make a difference and water weights are available to tone your arms and legs.

     In the world of cardio workouts, anything from running to jumping rope can be enough to get your heart rate moving but the pool has always been a favorite spot of mine. In the summer you can spot girls working on their tans and even when it’s freezing outside and everyone is bundled up I can swim a few laps in the HKC’s heated pool and not feel a thing. Studies have shown that swimming for one mile can equal up to about three miles of steady running. That being said, while all of you are fighting for a spot on a treadmill, you can find me having some down time at the pool.

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