Property Registration Image

What is the Property Registration System?

The Property Registration System allows you to register any item of value that you may have on campus, in your vehicle or at home such as laptops, bicycles, IPODs, phones, televisions, stereos, and car stereos.  These are the items that are most frequently taken during the commission of thefts and burglaries.  Law enforcement can only enter these items in local and national crime databases if the department has the serial number of the products.  By registering your items, the University Police Department will maintain a database of all of these registered products. Should you ever become a victim of one of these crimes, the department will be able to provide either the University Police officer or any other police department with the necessary information for it to be entered in the larger crime databases.   We will also be able to check pawn shops for the stolen items.  It is our goal to get the stolen items back to the victims and also ensure that the actors in these crimes are brought to justice.

Accessing the Property Registration System:

To log into the system and begin entering your property information, follow these steps: 

1.  Log into your MySam Account at

2.  Select the Campus Resources Tab

3.  Select the Self Service Banner Link

4.  Select the Personal Information Link

5.  Select the "Register Your Property" Link