Sam Houston Parking Garage

1730 Avenue I Huntsville, TX 77320

The parking garage is located behind the Lowman Student Center, with skywalk on the second level. The garage provides 498 parking spaces for anyone with university business. The garage has two types of spaces, reserved number spaces and general spaces.


As a vehicle enters and exits the garage, the license plate is scanned to track parking duration for payment. Vehicles may enter and exit the garage from the level one or ground level entry. The garage has a clearance of 96 inches. After entry, you have only 20 minutes to register and park your vehicle. Keep in mind that your parking duration begins when you enter the parking garage, not after you register and pay.

The ground level entry and skywalk is currently closed for construction of the LSC expansion.

General Spaces

The Sam Houston Parking Garage provides 250 general spaces. During off-peak hours, all parking spaces are general spaces. Off-peak hours are between 5pm and 7:29am on weekdays and all day on weekends. These spaces may be purchased for hourly or daily parking. Registration and payment may be completed with Pay By Hour or Sam-ePasses.

Pay By Hour

A parking kiosk or the Parkmobile app may be used to register and pay for parking. Pay By Hour provides hourly and daily parking. Visit our Pay By Hour page for more information.

Parking Duration Rate
20-59 Minutes (1 Hour) $2.00
60-119 Minutes (2 Hour) $3.25
120-179 Minutes (3 Hour)  $4.50
180-240 Minutes (4 Hour) $5.75
241-300 Minutes (5 Hour) $7.00
Daily Max (6 Hour to 11:59PM) $8.25

Sam-ePasses are prepaid daily parking passes for the parking garage. These passes can be used 24 hours a day, but expire at 11:59 PM. It also allows for multiple exits and re-entries within the same day without extra payment. Sam-ePasses are priced based on the amount of passes purchased. Visit our parking portal to purchase.

5 No Discount $41.25
10 $12.50 $70.00
15 $33.75 $90.00
20 $65.00 $100.00
40 $145.00 $185.00
60 $195.00 $300.00
80 $275.00 $385.00

Reserved Number Spaces

The Sam Houston Parking Garage provides 250 reserved numbered spaces that are available for purchase on an annual term by departments, faculty, staff and students. These spaces are first come, first serve.

For more information, check out RNS ePermits.


The Sam Houston Parking Garage is utilized for parking during events and may be unavailable for general parking. Please pay close attention to event attendants at the entry and exits to the garage. The university reserves the right to close the garage for event parking and will do so to minimize any negative impact to parking on active class days.

For more information, check out our frequently asked questions.