Rules and Regulations

2013-14 General Information

The control of motor vehicle traffic on campus is a necessary part of the efficient operation of the university. During business hours certain areas are restricted to those vehicles necessary to university business.

The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of university business and to provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space.

In developing these regulations, SHSU is guided by the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws and the Texas Education Code 51.202, and are applicable to all members of the university community; faculty, students, staff, and visitors.

  • In these regulations the term campus is interpreted to include all property under the jurisdiction of SHSU. The term vehicle or motor vehicle is interpreted to include automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor bikes, motor scooters, and any vehicle that is self propelled.
  • In these regulations persons are informed where they can park rather than list every place where it is improper to park. Faculty, staff, and students are required to park in the assigned areas only, according to permit type and/or color zone designated. Parking is restricted to legally marked spaces between two white lines.

The university will make every effort to render protection to vehicles parked on campus, but cannot assume the responsibility for any losses.

In the event of conflict between traffic signs or markings and printed regulations, the signs or markings shall be followed. All yellow curbs, yellow wheel stops, and yellow stripes denote a “No Parking Zone”. Red curbs, red wheel stops, and red stripes denote a “Fire Zone” and “No Parking at Any Time”.

The university reserves the right to impound or have impounded any vehicle that is parked in a manner dangerous to vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or in flagrant violation of university parking regulations. The vehicle owner shall bear all costs involved in such vehicle removal.

The university considers the use of a vehicle on campus a privilege and convenience, and is not obligated to furnish unlimited parking space to accommodate all vehicles. However, the university will attempt to provide a reasonable number of parking spaces in keeping with available resources.


All SHSU faculty, staff, students and other governmental employees, full or part-time, who operate or expect to operate a vehicle on university property, regularly or occasionally, are required to register the vehicle with the Parking and Transportation Office of the Department of Public Safety Services, and obtain a parking permit assigning a designated color area for parking. The university reserves the right to require proof of ownership of the vehicle being registered. Any person who wishes to register a vehicle other than one of which is registered in their name must have approval from the Assistant Director of Parking and Transportation, Department of Public Safety Services.

  • Parking permits are required 24 hours a day.
  • Students may register their vehicles during the regular class registration periods. At all other times, student vehicles may be registered with Parking and Transportation at the Department of Public Safety Services, located at 2424 Sam Houston Avenue in the Sam South Complex. Faculty and staff are also required to register their vehicles on-line or at the Parking and Transportation Office. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays. Arrangements may be made to pick up a parking permit after 4:30 p.m. at University Police by calling Parking and Transportation at 936/294-1790, 294-1789, and/or 294-1795.
  • Fees for Vehicle Registration:
    The vehicle registration fee is payable only once during the academic year and is in effect from the date paid to the end of the academic year. There will be no refund made on the vehicle registration fee.

Students (Commuter)


Fall Registration (August to August) $90.00
Spring Registration (January to August) $70.00
Summer I Registration (May to August) $60.00
Summer II Registration (July to August) $50.00


Students (Resident)


Fall Registration (August to August) $100.00
Spring Registration (January to August) $75.00
Summer I Registration (May to August) $60.00
Summer II Registration (July to August) $50.00




Fall Registration (August to August) $110.00
Spring Registration (January to August) $90.00
Summer I Registration (May to August) $60.00
Summer II Registration (July to August) $50.00


Reserved Spaces


Fall Registration (August to August) $240.00
Spring Registration (January to August) $175.00
Summer I Registration (May to August) $100.00
Summer II Registration (July to August) $75.00


Remote Permits (Faculty/Staff/Students)


Fall Registration (August to August) $40.00
Spring Registration (January to August) $25.00
Summer I Registration (May to August) $15.00
Summer II Registration (July to August) $10.00


  • Permit holders may purchase only one vehicle permit. This permit is transferable to any passenger vehicle being operated by or for the transportation of the permit holder. A second permit may be purchased for a motorcycle. Individuals shall not lend, sell, or otherwise allow other persons to use their permit. Ownership of all permits remains with the university and are not transferable to another person.

Second Permit for Students (Motorcycles Only)


Fall Registration (August to August) $60.00
Spring Registration (January to August) $50.00
Summer I Registration (May to August) $35.00
Summer II Registration (July to August) $25.00


  • Brown Mobility permits for the physically challengedmust be obtained from the Parking and Transportation Office.
  • Veterans parking policy:  Disabled Veterans, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, Former Prisoners of War, Pearl Harbor Survivors, and Purple Heart Recipients, whose vehicles display the special license plates issued by the Texas Department of Transportation, are exempt from the payment of fees for any University surface parking permit for which they are otherwise eligible, in accordance with State Law.  This privilege applies only to the veteran and not to anyone else driving the vehicle.  Garage parking requires the payment of normal fees due.
  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to inform Parking and Transportation of any changes in their vehicles (e.g., purchase of a new car), home or work addresses, contact information, etc.
  • The university reserves the right to remove and impound any abandoned motor vehicle or any vehicle found on its property without a SHSU parking permit, or without valid registration tags.
  • Purchasing a permit signifies you have read and understand the SHSU parking rules and regulations and agree to abide by them.


  • Current decals and hangtags must be properly displayed on vehicles at all times.
  • Decals must be permanently affixed (not taped) on the inside, in the lower right corner (passenger side), of the front windshield. Hangtags must be hung from the rearview mirror with the front face of the hangtag visible from the outside of the vehicle to be valid.   Hangtags may also be taped to the lower right corner (passenger side) of the windshield.  Operators of motorcycles are required to register their vehicle with Parking and Transportation, and pay a parking fee.
  • Should a decal or hangtag become mutilated or obliterated in any way, a replacement must be obtained from Parking and Transportation. When the remnants of a decal/hangtag are presented, a replacement will be provided free of charge.
  • If a different vehicle must be registered, a replacement decal will be provided free of charge, if the remnants of the old decal are presented to Parking and Transportation. If a hangtag permit was purchased, the hangtag permit must be transferred to the replacement vehicle, and Parking and Transportation notified of the new vehicle information.
  • If a decal/ hangtag is lost or stolen, the permit holder shall immediately report this information to Parking and Transportation Services and complete the associated report. A replacement permit will be provided for a $10.00 administrative fee. The customer will sign a form stating the permit was lost or stolen, and acknowledges any vehicle displaying the lost/stolen permit on campus will be towed immediately. Customer will also acknowledge any citations issued to their permit not reported as lost or stolen (i.e., loaned or sold) will be applied to the account of the original purchaser.
  • Students, faculty and staff who have not purchased a parking permit, but need to operate a vehicle on the Huntsville campus for a short period of time, may either purchase a temporary permit for the cost of $4.00 per day, or park in the parking garage for an hourly fee.
  • All permits shall be displayed on the vehicle as instructed on the permit. Individuals cited for “No Parking Permit” who in fact have a permit, and are otherwise parked properly within the color zone appropriate for their permit, may have two citations per semester (six annually total) waived for this violation. Any additional citations will be waived only if the customer purchases a daily permit for $4.00 for each such additional violation.


All university parking facilities are marked according to color zone areas. Operators must adhere to these designations except as noted below:

Unless otherwise posted, blue and green permits are permitted to park in white (Faculty/Staff) parking zones between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. weekdays. Blue permits are permitted to park in green zones between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. weekdays. Orange (remote) permits are permitted to park in green (commuter) parking zones between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. weekdays. Blue zones are restricted to blue permits 24 hours a day. Individual reserved parking spaces and timed parking spaces are restricted 24 hours a day.

  • Faculty and Staff are permitted to park in white, green,blue, orange and red lots 24 hours a day.
  • Commuting permits can parking in green and orange lots 24 hours a day.  Between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. they can also parking white lots (except 24 hour designated).
  • Resident permits can park in blue and orange lots 24 hours a day.  Between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. they can also park in green and white.
    • Alpha Chi Omega House
    • Alpha Delta Pi House
    • Anne Shaver House
    • Baldwin House
    • Barrett House
    • Bearkat Village
    • Belvin/Buchanan Hall
    • Crawford House
    • Creager House
    • Elliott Hall
    • Estill Hall
    • Gibbs House
    • Houston House
    • Jackson/Shaver Hall
    • Lone Star Hall
    • Mallon House
    • Parkhill House
    • Rachel Jackson House
    • Randel House
    • Raven Village
    • Sam Houston Village
    • Sigma Sigma Sigma House
    • Spivey House
    • Vick House
    • White Hall
    • Zeta Tau Alpha House.
  • Orange permits may be purchased at a reduced cost and are only valid in orange zones consisting of the Bowers Stadium Lot, Sam South Complex, and the Vending/Agriculture Mechanical Complex. Orange permits may not park in white or blue zones at any time, but may park in green zones between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. weekdays.
  • Physically challenged students, faculty and staff who possess a State of Texas disabled placard or disabled registration tags are required to register their vehicle with Parking and Transportation. A brown mobility permit will be issued entitling them to park in designated handicap areas, as well as resident, commuter, and non-reserved faculty/staff spaces. Special permits are available to students who must park close due to a temporary injury or illness. Requests for temporary special permits must be made to Parking and Transportation. Temporary special permits are not authorized to park in any area designated for the physically challenged (disabled).
  • All university streets have a speed limit of 20 miles per hour. Parking lots are limited to 10 miles per hour for motor vehicles.
  • Motorcycles must be parked in the prescribed areas specifically designated for parking such vehicles, or in a legally marked space within their color zone. It is unlawful for the owner, or any other person, to ride or park a motorcycle, motorbike, or motor scooter on any pathway, sidewalk, mall or disabled ramp. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle parking racks. Every person operating a motorcycle, motorbike, motor scooter or bicycle must give pedestrians the right-of-way at all times, keep to the right of the roadway and obey all traffic control devices. There is no fee for the operation of bicycles on the SHSU campus.
  • Reserved visitor parking spaces are restricted to vehicles displaying visitor parking permits issued through Parking and Transportation or Visitor Center. The term "visitor" is interpreted to mean an individual with no official connection with Sam Houston State University.
  • The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space in any particular location is not considered a valid excuse for violating the Parking and Traffic regulations.
  • Red permits are parking permits designated for The Woodlands Center Complex.  Only available to those who are full time students at The Woodlands Center Complex.  The permit does not validate parking on the Huntsville Campus.


The Sam Houston State University Parking Garage, located at 1730 Avenue I, is a separate entity and it is a pay-per-use facility. The garage provides both contract and hourly parking rates.

Contract Rates


Fall Semester $300.00
Spring Semester $300.00
Summer Session I & II $75.00
Summer Session II $50.00


Hourly Rates

$1.25 per hour, maximum $6.00 per transaction for a 24 hour period.

Lost entry tickets will result in a $10.00 lost ticket fee.

The garage may close to public hourly parking during special events.

Information about the parking garage is available at Parking and Transportation and the department’s website,


  • Parking Violations/Citations (Parked in No Parking Zone, Unauthorized Color Zone, Across Marker Lines, or Parking Where Prohibited). Fees are determined by the number of citations incurred each semester.


First Citation $30.00
Second Citation $35.00
Third Citation $40.00
Fourth/Subsequent Citation $50.00


  • Other Violation/Citations:


Improper Display of Parking Decal/Hangtag $30.00
Failure to Register Vehicle and/or Failure to Display Parking Decal/Hangtag $40.00
Falsifying Information During Vehicle Registration, or Using Falsely Made, Altered or Purchased Decal/Hangtag $100.00
Parked in White Zone (Faculty/Staff) $40.00
Parked in Fire Lane/Zone (Red) $50.00
Parked in Disabled Zone $100.00


  • Moving Violations -- All vehicles driven on SHSU property or under its jurisdiction are subject to all university traffic regulations and the State of Texas Motor Vehicle Laws. All moving violations will be adjudicated in Walker County Justice Courts or the City of Huntsville Municipal Court.
  • Resale of parking decals/hangtags is prohibited and will be considered as a falsely purchased decal and/or hangtag.
  • Citations issued to vehicles not displaying an SHSU permit will normally be assigned to the registered owner via DMV records. However, if the registered owner is a family member of an SHSU student, faculty member, or staff member, the citation will be assigned to the SHSU student, faculty member, or staff member.


  1. Citations for the university parking violations may be paid at the Bursar's Office or online.
  2. University parking citations may be appealed and appeals must be filed within ten (10) calendar days after the issuance of the citation.
  3. For a faculty, staff, or student to appeal a parking citation, they must log into their MySam account, select the link to their parking account, and appeal the citation on-line.  Appellants have the capability to attach photos to their appeal substantiating their position.  A member of the Parking Office staff will respond to their request by either accepting, reducing, or denying their appeal.  If the appellant is still not satisfied, they may appeal to the Parking Appeals Panel.  The appellant can either submit the same appeal, or revise it, for panel review, but the citation must be paid before appeal panel review.  The panel will review the circumstances and forward their decision back to Parking and Transportation, who would notify the customer.  If the appeal was denied, the citation would already be paid; if accepted, the fine would be refunded to the customer's account.
  4. The violations "Parked in Handicap Zone" and "Altered/False Decal" may not be appealed.
  5. Students who fail to resolve parking citations are subject to disciplinary action.
  6. Any person receiving five (5) or more unresolved parking citations shall be considered to be in flagrant violation of the university parking regulations and their vehicle is subject to impoundment as set forth under Section I. Students’ records and transcripts may be tagged and held for failure to resolve their parking citations. Students having unresolved parking citations may be denied registration for classes the following semester, or the ability to graduate.
  7. Disabled vehicles should be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety Services.


Since the State of Texas does not provide funding for parking facilities, monies collected from motor vehicle operation will be applied to the operation of Parking and Transportation and the Department of Public Safety Services, the improvement of existing facilities, additional parking and traffic facilities, and other uses for the university.


The University reserves the right to change any or all parts of these regulations as necessary. All changes will be published on the university's website.

SHSU Parking and Transportation


  1. The University Police Department can be contacted 24 hours a day at the following numbers: 936/294-1794 or Campus Extension 4-1794.
  2. In accordance with V.A.C.S.-2929J enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, April 27, 1967, the governing board of Sam Houston State University is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations for the safety and welfare of students, employees and property. In addition to university regulations, all of the general and criminal laws of the State are declared to be in full force and effect within the areas under the jurisdiction of Sam Houston State University, and all persons are responsible for compliance with these laws.
    The governing board of Sam Houston State University is authorized to employ campus police personnel for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of V.A.C.S.-2929J, and has commissioned such officers as peace officers vested with all the powers, privileges and immunities of peace officers in the performance of their duties.
    It shall be unlawful for any person to trespass upon the grounds of Sam Houston State University, or to damage or deface any of the buildings, trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, or other property on the grounds.
    The University Police shall be vested with the authority to refuse to allow persons having no legitimate business to enter upon any property under the control and jurisdiction of Sam Houston State University, and to eject any unauthorized persons from said property upon their refusal to leave peaceably upon request.
    Authority is given to the Sam Houston State University Police Department to require identification of any person upon the property of the university. Failure to produce identification upon request of an officer may result in arrest and appearance before a magistrate.
  3. All thefts, accidents or other offenses that occur on campus should be reported to the University Police Department immediately. Motor vehicle accidents should be reported prior to moving the vehicles. Single vehicle accidents should also be reported. Keys or valuables should not be left in a vehicle. Always keep your vehicle locked.
  4. When planning functions and activities, notify the University Police Department at least a month in advance so necessary arrangements may be made.


In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding of the functions of the University Police Department in relation to its law enforcement efforts, it is recognized that Sam Houston State University Police Officers are “Peace Officers” as defined under the laws of the State of Texas.

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 2, Article 2.12, includes as peace officers under item (9): “officers commissioned by the governing board of any state institution of high education.”

Thus the University Police Officers are authorized by State statute to enforce Federal and State laws and/or any regulation issued by the Board of Regents of Sam Houston State University on property under the control and jurisdiction of Sam Houston State University. Section 51.203, Texas Education Code; Campus Police Officers, states “The governing boards of each state institution of higher education and public technical institute may employ and commission peace officers for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this subchapter. The primary jurisdiction of a peace officer commissioned under this section includes all counties in which property is owned, leased, rented, or otherwise under the control of the institution of high education or public technical institute that employs the peace officer or otherwise in the performance of their duties.”

The University Police has as its primary objective to protect all persons within its jurisdiction to be as free from criminal attack, to be secure in their properties, and to live within a peaceful community, as humanly possible. They shall perform their law enforcement functions in a professional manner and it is to this purpose that, we believe, the University Police and its jurisdiction was created by the Board of Regents with authority delegated by the State Legislators.

Thank you for your cooperation in making Sam Houston State University an enjoyable and safe community.

Kevin H. Morris, Director/Chief of Police
Department of Public Safety Services


Approved by the Board of Regents, Texas State University System

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