SHSU Policy

All SHSU faculty, staff, students and other governmental employees, full or part-time, who operate or expect to operate a vehicle on university property, regularly or occasionally, are required to register the vehicle with the Parking and Transportation Office of the Department of Public Safety Services, and obtain a parking permit assigning a designated color area for parking.  The university reserves the right to require proof of ownership of the vehicle being registered.  Any person who wishes to register a vehicle other than one of which is registered in their name must have approval from the Assistant Director of Parking and Transportation, Department of Public Safety Services.

Parking permits are required at all times for all surface lot and street parking on campus.  Hourly parking is available in the SHSU Parking Garage.

Hangtag permits will be the default permit for Faculty/Staff unless a sticker permit is requested by the customer.  Decal permits will be the default permit for all students.  Should you operate a secondary vehicle, a second permit may be purchased or the customer will need to visit the Parking and Transportation Office for a temporary permit.

All parking permits are sold on an annual basis and expire August 15 regardless of the date purchased.


For short term use, a temporary hangtag permit is available for $4/day.

For garage parking, go to the garage web page.