Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do with equipment/furniture that my department no longer wants?

Fill out a Request for Changing Inventory (RC-21) form (from you to Property) and send to the Property Office. We will pick it up as soon as possible. ALL COMPUTER EQUIPMENT (ie: Desktops, Laptops, Monitors, Printers, Ipads, Scanners etc) NEEDS TO BE SENT TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY VIA THE WORK ORDER SYSTEM AS WELL AS AN RC-21 (from you to them with both department signatures) SENT TO THE PROPERTY OFFICE. Computer Equipment that is processed thru IT and sent to Property will not be reassigned for Campus use.

Q. What happens to the furniture and equipment that is sent to the Property Department?

All property in the warehouse is available to the University. Departments are welcome to come browse the warehouse in the Sam South complex for needed furniture and equipment. The Property Office is available to deliver items to your department if needed. Any items not reallocated to the University will be sold at periodic auctions.

Q. How do I transfer equipment from my inventory to another department’s inventory?

Fill out a Request for Changing Inventory (RC-21) form (from you to them) and send it to the Property Office with BOTH department’s signature.
If you need someone to physically move the item complete a work order to Moving & Hauling (Building & Landscape Services).

Q. I can’t find a piece of equipment that is listed on my inventory. What should I do?

Report it to the Property Office as missing, using the Missing/ Found form (M-12). If you believe the item was stolen, use the same form and also notify UPD immediately. A copy of the police report will need to be attached to the 74-194 in the event of theft.

Q. May I take University property off campus for University business?

Yes, for OFFICIAL USE ONLY. Use the Request to Remove Equipment from Campus (RA-22) form. This form needs to be signed by your department head and approved by the Property Manager before the item may be removed. Complete the bottom of this form when the item is returned.

Q. Where can I get a copy of your forms?

All Property forms are located on the SHSU forms page under Property.