PMO Value Drivers and KPIs

Value Drivers

The PMO level metrics sets the foundation for the program and project metrics. One project one team!

The SHSU IT PMO qualitative metrics are listed below:

  • Assign a Project Manager to an approved Project.
  • Engage customer sponsors and stakeholders early in the project
  • Always begin projects and programs with a formal kick-off meeting with each customer and receive a buy-in agreement
  • Begin project and program communication early and often
  • Successful implementation and completion of programs and projects within the portfolio
  • Ensuring the adherence of programs and projects to standard methodologies
  • Apply and structure risk and issues management processes to result in quicker and less critical impact to projects and programs
  • Create reporting status of overall health of the portfolio of the PMO
  • Continued delivery of on-time programs and projects improve the PMO reputation
  • Mentor other campus areas using structured methodologies and processes for the successful completion of endeavors


The SHSU IT PMO quantitative metrics are listed below:

  • Reduce the project intake process by 50% in 2019
  • Conduct a project or program kick-off meeting with 10 days of assignment to the PM
  • Increase the report status to appropriate customers and sponsors by 25% in 2019
  • Increase the number of eligible project managers with the PMP certification by 100% in 2021
  • Increase the number of projects and programs completed on time by 20% in 2019
  • Increase the number of projects and programs completed within budget by 20% in 2019