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P-Card Forms

  • Delegation of P-Card Authority Form

    The Delegation of P-Card Authority Form must be updated and sent to the P-Card Administrator when the Primary or Secondary Delegate assigned to the card has changed.  Primary and Secondary Delegates for the department are responsible and accountable for the security and documentation associated with the use of the SHSU Procurement Card and for complying with all policies and procedures related to the P-Card Program.

  • Dispute Form

    If a cardholder is unable to reconcile a problem by dealing directly with the vendor, this form must be completed and filed with Citibank within 60 days from the statement billing date of any disputed charge. A copy of the dispute form must be sent to the P-Card Administrator. Formal disputes processed through Citibank are allowable only when an error was made by the vendor. An error made by the cardholder cannot be formally disputed. NOTE: Tax may not be disputed through Citibank's formal dispute process. The cardholder must deal directly with the vendor to ensure credit is received.

  • P-Card Exception Approval Form

    The Exception Approval Form must be sent to the P-Card Administrator for review and approval PRIOR to purchasing an unacceptable item.

  • Missing Receipt/Documentation/Problem Resolution Form

    This form is to be used in the event of a missing receipt for P-Card expenses. This form should also be used to document contact with vendors regarding a price discrepancy, credit refund, taxes charged, tip overage, etc. on the P-Card.

  • P-Card User Form

    Complete this form and forward to the P-Card Administrator whenever you want to add or remove someone from authority to make purchases with your P-Card. Each time the form is updated it must include the name of all current users of the card. Before someone can be added as a user, they must have completed the online P-Card training provided in Talent Management.

  • Requisition Form

    The P-Card Requisition Form is required when you are using someone else's account which you do not have the authority to sign for to make payment for your purchase transaction.

  • New P-Card Order Form (October 2018)

    Complete this form and forward to the P-Card Administrator when requesting a new Procurement Card be ordered for your Department. This form requires the Department Head and Vice Presidents approvals before being submitted for review and processing.

  • Transaction Log - mandatory

    The Transaction Log is a running record of who used the P-card, where it was used, what was purchased, and what account was used. This log is not to be turned in with the Expense Report. It is to be kept with your files in the event the P-Card Administrator or state auditors should need to see it.

  • Food/Beverage/Award Request Form FO19-A

    All food/beverage items purchased require this approval, regardless of where or how the purchase is made. Flowers require approval when not used for a University sponsored event. For example, flowers purchased for funerals, hospital stays, etc. would require this form. Promotional items such as pens, shirts, towels, mugs, or any other items given in promotion of the University and handed out at University sponsored events require this form as well.