With our bindery machinery, printed and copied materials can be spiraled, hole punched, stapled, cut, glued, folded and collated. Our bindery department can also produce paperback (softbound) books. Prices for bindery services are:

Spiraling: We can coil any documents you may have. please call for pricing.

Drilling: We can "hole punch" all of your documents no matter the size or quantity. Prices vary so please call for more information.

Folding: We have a variety of folding services for your documents. 

Padding: We can pad all of your documents. Please call for an estimate.

The Bindery offers many other services to give your project that "finished" touch. If you have any other questions please call the front office.


Part of our service to the University is to pick-up new orders and to deliver the finished product where specified. A delivery room/office number, name and a phone number need to be included on the Interdepartmental order forms.

Bulk Mail Services

Sam Houston Press & Copy Center offers bulk mail preparation services. Contact us for scheduling times.

It will be the responsibility of the departments to provide addresses (prefer Microsoft Excel file) in zip code order and postage slips for bulk mailing and on-campus mailing.