Budget & Submissions

Budget & Submissions

The division of Budget & Submissions is responsible for managing the grant proposal submissions process. We provide support for faculty and staff by reviewing and interpreting sponsor guidelines and regulations, preparing budget documents, reviewing proposal packages for conformity to sponsor requirements, submitting and tracking grant proposals.
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Proposal Development

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• Assist with sponsor requirements and developing checklists
• Assist with budget and budget justification development
• Assist with obtaining necessary signatures and proposal documentation
• Facilitate proposal routing • Review conflicts of interests and compliance
• Submit grant proposals on behalf of faculty/university

  • Proposal Development Process

    1. Initial Project Conception
    2. Explore Funding Opportunities Related to Your Project
    3. Notifying ORSP Proposal Development and Developing the Proposal
    4. Submitting a Proposal Notification Form (PNF)
    5. Developing the Budget and Justification
    6. Proposal Routing and Submission
    7. Preparing for any Compliance Needs
    8. Award Notification

    Disclaimer Change – Although the above process describes a typical grant proposal, all proposals are different and the Principal Investigator may enter the process at any point. However, ALL grant submissions require ORSP approval prior to submission.