Proposal Development

Proposal Development

The Proposal Development Division is responsible for assisting and guiding investigators throughout the pre-award process. This is the first stop for faculty and staff interested in applying for external funding.
Meet the Proposal Development Team to begin the process.


• Identifying funding sources and opportunities • Reviewing requests for proposals (RFPs)
• Locating and supporting internal and external collaborators
• Creating timelines from conception to submission with clear milestones
• Reviewing proposals for adherence to sponsor-specific guidelines
• Thorough reviews of proposals, providing comments to improve clarity and readability (if time allows).

Funding Databeses Find Funding

Find Funding

Budget & Submissions

Budget & Submissions

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

  • Proposal Development Process

    1. Initial Project Conception
    2. Explore Funding Opportunities Related to Your Project
    3. Notifying ORSP Proposal Development and Developing the Proposal
    4. Submitting a Proposal Notification Form (PNF)
    5. Developing the Budget and Justification
    6. Proposal Routing and Submission
    7. Preparing for any Compliance Needs
    8. Award Notification

    Disclaimer Change – Although the above process describes a typical grant proposal, all proposals are different and the Principal Investigator may enter the process at any point. However, ALL grant submissions require ORSP approval prior to submission.