IRB Review Process

The IRB review schedule for regular and expedited applications, Continuing Review/Amendment requests, and requests for exemptions follows the academic semester schedule. In most cases, review of applications starts the first week of each semester and ends on the last day of classes, and is conducted in the order received. The IRB review and approval process typically takes two to three weeks to complete from the time the application comes out of routing (i.e., once the application receives approval from a PI's department and college), although some applications require additional time. 

Please note that in all cases, it is in your best interest to submit applications as far in advance as possible. If your graduation is dependent on research that requires IRB review and approval during the current semester, ideally your application should be submitted shortly after the beginning of the semester, or immediately after a successful defense of a Thesis/Dissertation proposal, and no later than one month prior to the start date of your research.

What can delay the review process?

  • Failure to complete the required CITI Training; for more information, please review the CITI Training section of this website.
  • Lack of adherence to IRB submission instructions; please review the Application Walkthrough section of this website.
  • Submitting an application between academic semesters.
  • Your application requires full board review and approval; the full board typically meets every two to three weeks during Fall and Spring semesters and once per summer session during the Summer.  
  • An IRB reviewer may request modifications to no-more-than-minimal-risk studies.
  • Failure to complete requested modifications or answer questions posed by the IRB prior to re-submitting the application for additional IRB review.

IRB Application Approval Chain

If you are submitting a:

Your approval chain is:

  • Sharla Miles
  • Faculty Sponsor (if applicable)
  • Department Chair
  • College Dean
  • Sharla Miles

Upon submission of the application, it must always route through the aforementioned list and receive approval from each designated reviewer. As Sharla Miles is designated twice at differing points, she must also approve the form twice at those points in the timeline.

If any approver on this list finds that information within the submitted application must be updated prior to approval being granted, it would stop routing through the chain and would be returned to the PI.  Reviewers have the option of sending the PI a note that reflects the requested changes. The PI will then need to resubmit the application once those changes have been made. At this point, routing must be reinitiated. Once all departmental and College approvals are received, the application is prepared for IRB review.