About Us

Guiding Principles - A note from the Associate Vice President

Wecome to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Engaging students in academic scholarship, research and innovation can have profound impacts on their educational experience, affecting the students’ academic success and helping them become better stewards and serving members of their communities. I believe that external grants and contracts aimed at supporting faculty and staff scholarship is likely to reach the student and enusure the students' engagement in meaningful learning beyond the classroom. Therefore, as AVP of ORSP I have have built a team and designed an organizational strucutre to help faculty and staff find grant opportunities, submit grant proposals, and secure internal/external funding to support their scholarship. Please explore this website or contact me direclty to meet the ORSP team and learn more about the services we can provide.

Department Mission

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs supports and fosters scholarship, research, and innovation to encourage life-long learning of the faculty and staff, enhance the educational experience of students, and provide service and benefit to the community.


Positive impact through scholarly and creative accomplishments


Integrity • Quality • Positivity • Perseverance • Empathy • Transparency