University Marketing

Promoting SHSU

Our Marketing team manages the university’s electronic presence, bolstering the brand through strategic engagement with different audiences using a variety of platforms including web, social media, email marketing, photography and videography.

Social Media

Social media can be a very effective way to communicate, promote and brand Sam Houston State University to multiple audiences across and outside of the university. Because it is such a powerful marketing tool, creating a successful social media page requires careful planning, strategy and use of analytics. 

Contact Isaac Moen about your next social media campaign. Together, we can increase your social media traffic and promote your message to a wider audience.


Photography and videography allow us to capture the SHSU brand through visual storytelling, and as a result, deliver a more impactful message and make more meaningful connections. These visuals drive deeper engagement by evoking emotions and instilling connections to SHSU.

Mass Email

SHSU's email system, Emma, is a great tool to reach your audience, both internal and external. Visit our Mass Email website to learn more about Emma, how our team can help you with your mass emails, and request a mass email.