Here are some basic guidelines for composing visually engaging and interesting photographs when it comes to capturing the spirit of Sam Houston—its people, its symbols, its buildings. 

• Student photographs should reflect a diverse population and convey the college experience. 

• Capture action and interaction 

• Photographs of faculty and staff should suggest authority in their fields. Try to include interesting props or structures in their photos. 

• Photos of individuals should look spontaneous and, if possible, display an attractive area of the university. 

• Photograph faculty, staff and students in relaxed poses and interesting environments that help communicate the personalities and attitudes of the individuals. 

• For both group and individual shots, move in close to fill the picture with your subjects. 

Images should be bright, clear and in-focus. Blurry or dark photos are distracting when combined with other bright and in-focus images. 

• Set your camera’s image size (resolution) to its highest setting. On many digital cameras, “fine” is the highest setting. Low-resolution photos are unsuitable for print publications and even some Web uses. 

• Submitted photos need to be high resolution. Images that look great on a web page will not work in print. The minimum size for a submitted photo should be two inches across by three inches high (or vice versa) at a resolution of 300 ppi – that is 600x900 pixel at the least. 

Photos for print need to be in high-color format. The best formats are high-resolution JPEG files (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif) files.  

• Please use discretion when editing or altering photos. 

• Pay attention to lighting. When indoors, use a flash to give the subjects more light. When outdoors, use shady areas and avoid placing your subject(s) in direct sunlight, which causes harsh shadows and overexposed areas. If you are photographing in a shady area, consider also using a flash to fill-in your subject(s) from the background. Also remember, cloudy or overcast days are great for outdoor portrait photography.


Marketing and Communications provides photographic services including creative consultation, art direction, photo shoots and photo editing.


Model Release section should read: When taking photos of individuals, you will need to secure a release that allows the University to use and print the image. Please download and print a copy of the model release and have your subject(s) sign; keep the signed copy in your files. If you have questions or would like more information, we are here to help at 936.294.1833 or


Images and video can be protected under copyright laws. Please refer to the Copyright Act of 1976 and section 485 of the HEOA of 2008.