Our Voice


“Brand Voice” is how the SHSU brand is expressed in words. Just as listeners make assumptions about a person’s character by observing how he or she acts, dresses and speaks, readers of our materials will make judgments about the character of Sam Houston State by our brand voice. The Sam Houston brand voice should be shaped around the university’s mission, values, and goals: pride, tradition, service and success. 

Key messages: 

• Sam Houston State is a great name in Texas education. 

• At Sam, you can dream and succeed. 

• When you come here, you can feel it! 

Our core values can be our writing guide to create passion and enthusiasm for Sam Houston. 

• Academic Excellence . . . as the firm foundation 

• Nurturing Environment . . . to enhance academic success 

• Proactive Attitude . . . in every endeavor toward continuous improvement 

• Value Orientation . . . always high quality, reasonable costs 

• Holistic Development . . . for broadly educated citizens

Writing Tips

Address Objections. Answer the biggest objection first – “Why should I bother reading this?” Give details, reassure and persuade. 

Focus on the Benefits. Focus on what your target audience will get versus features. When you do write about features, make sure and point out how your target audience will benefit from that feature. 

Use Testimonials. Let testimonials describe the benefits of your program. 

Make it Authentic, Personal, Fresh, and Direct. Write the way you talk – casually, informally. Talk directly to the reader – don’t be afraid of using “you.” Write as though you are addressing someone you know. Never promise something you can’t deliver. 

Hone Your Message. Less is more when writing for marketing publications. Use short sentences (10 to 20 words) and paragraphs (2 or 3 sentences). Edit out anything unnecessary – modifiers, complex clauses, awkward phrases. Use an active voice and avoid jargon, obscure words, stale phrases and any abstract/confusing ideas. Make it simple and straightforward.