Meet the Team

Who Are We?

We are a creative and diverse group of artists, storytellers, wordsmiths, designers and strategists dedicated to preserving and increasing the visibility of the Sam Houston State University brand. Our projects are more than just marketing - we strive every day to define and convey what makes SHSU a great name in education.

We are located in Suite 102 of the Thomason Building!

Kris Kaskel-Ruiz
Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communications
936.294.3492 |

Stephanie Knific
Director of Marketing & Communications, Public Information Officer
936.294.1833 |


Emily Binetti
Associate Director of Communications
936.294.4406 |

Wes Hamilton
Communications Manager
936.294.1837 |

Hannah Crandall
Communications Writer
936.294.2638 |

Creative Services

Amy Bass-Wilson
Associate Director of Creative Services
936.294.4044 |

David Hernandez
Graphic Designer
936.294.4374 |

Matt Owens
Graphic Designer
936.294.3430 |

Kevin Anderson
Digital Graphics Technician
936.294.1858 |


Isaac Moen
Assistant Director of Marketing
936.294.4372 |

Riley Skains
Marketing Specialist
936.294.4308 |

Brian Blalock
936.294.3048 |

Mike Foster
Video Producer
936.294.2504 |

Print Services

Lori Proctor
Assistant Director of Print Services
936.294.1856 |

Stuart King
936.294.1768 |